Tools & Tours Amsterdam

Are you adventurous? Do you like to travel, share experiences and dare to take the unbeaten paths to see places where locals like to go to? Join us to experience the real Amsterdam and discover the hidden diamonds this city has to offer. Let’s keep the busy main streets behind us and say hallo to the colorful neighborhoods where the locals hang out, work and live. 

Join us on the Public Transport Safari

Amsterdam has 15 Trams, 41 Buses, 4 Metro routes and 7 Ferry connections. It’s the easiest and the best way to discover the city and enjoy the view from different Public Transport rides. The starting point is Amsterdam Central Station and within 3 hours you will see a local (food) market, secret garden, a brewery, a windmill, and a sky & water view.

The tour includes a 24 Hours Public Transport Card which we will explain how to use during the tour and you can use after the tour as well. You will also get a pen, a notebook and a map to make as many notes and memories of places to revisit.

Make sure you bring your camera in order to take unique and unforgettable photos!